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  1. Alvernia: Meaning "noble friend," Alvernia evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Era: Modern

  2. Ardentia: Representing passion and enthusiasm, Ardentia is a vibrant country. Era: Contemporary

  3. Astoria: Derived from the word "aster," meaning star, Astoria symbolizes hope and aspiration. Era: Futuristic

  4. Avalora: Meaning "golden valley," Avalora reflects prosperity and natural beauty. Era: Medieval

  5. Bellamore: Bellamore signifies "beautiful love" and highlights a nation of romance and charm. Era: Victorian

  6. Brighton: Evoking a sense of light and radiance, Brighton represents a country of optimism. Era: Modern

  7. Caledon: Derived from the ancient Celtic word for Scotland, Caledon exudes strength and resilience. Era: Renaissance

  8. Camellia: Symbolizing purity and admiration, Camellia is a country rooted in grace and elegance. Era: Classical

  9. Cascadia: Cascadia evokes images of majestic waterfalls and abundant natural resources. Era: Industrial

  10. Celestia: Meaning "heavenly," Celestia represents a country with a celestial connection. Era: Utopian

  11. Cerulea: Derived from the Latin word for sky blue, Cerulea embodies tranquility and serenity. Era: Modern

  12. Charmont: Combining the words "charming" and "mountain," Charmont represents a picturesque nation. Era: Romantic

  13. Crescentia: With its crescent moon symbol, Crescentia signifies a country of enlightenment and progress. Era: Enlightenment

  14. Dalasia: Derived from "dalas," meaning fortress, Dalasia represents a nation with strong defenses. Era: Ancient

  15. Dawnbreak: Dawnbreak signifies a new beginning and the promise of a brighter future. Era: Modern

  16. Delphine: Inspired by the ancient oracle of Delphi, Delphine is a country of wisdom and foresight. Era: Classical

  17. Elysia: Elysia symbolizes a paradise or utopia, offering a blissful existence for its inhabitants. Era: Utopian

  18. Emberlyn: Combining "ember" and "lyn," Emberlyn represents a country of warmth and natural beauty. Era: Contemporary

  19. Evergreen: Evergreen signifies a nation of perpetual growth and vitality. Era: Modern

  20. Fairhaven: Fairhaven evokes a sense of fairness and justice, making it an ideal society. Era: Renaissance

  21. Fleurmont: Combining "fleur" (flower) and "mont" (mountain), Fleurmont represents a country of floral beauty. Era: Victorian

  22. Gildedale: Gildedale suggests a prosperous and opulent nation, adorned with riches. Era: Gilded Age

  23. Halcyon: Halcyon represents a tranquil and peaceful country, free from strife and turmoil. Era: Classical

  24. Harmonia: Symbolizing harmony and unity, Harmonia is a nation that values cooperation and balance. Era: Modern

  25. Havenwood: Havenwood embodies safety and protection, offering refuge to its citizens. Era: Medieval

  26. Idyllia: Idyllia represents a country of idyllic beauty, filled with picturesque landscapes. Era: Romantic

  27. Indigoria: Derived from "indigo," Indigoria is a nation associated with wisdom and intuition. Era: Ancient

  28. Irisa: Named after the iris flower, Irisa represents a country of diversity and vibrant culture. Era: Modern

  29. Jubilantia: Jubilantia symbolizes a nation of celebration and joy, where happiness is abundant. Era: Contemporary

  30. Kaleidosa: Evoking the image of a kaleidoscope, Kaleidosa represents a country of diversity and constant change. Era: Modern

  31. Lavendera: Inspired by the lavender plant, Lavendera is a nation known for its tranquility and serenity. Era: Victorian

  32. Lumina: Meaning "light" in Latin, Lumina represents a country of enlightenment and progress. Era: Enlightenment

  33. Mariposa: Mariposa, meaning "butterfly" in Spanish, is a country associated with transformation and beauty. Era: Contemporary

  34. Meadowbrook: Meadowbrook signifies a nation of abundant meadows and natural beauty. Era: Modern

  35. Mirabella: Derived from "mirabile," meaning wonderful, Mirabella represents a country of marvels and enchantment. Era: Renaissance

  36. Morningtide: Morningtide symbolizes a country that embraces the new day with hope and optimism. Era: Modern

  37. Mystara: Mystara suggests a nation of mystery and wonder, shrouded in enchantment and intrigue. Era: Fantasy

  38. Nirvana: Nirvana represents a country of ultimate bliss and spiritual enlightenment. Era: Utopian

  39. Oasisia: Derived from "oasis," Oasisia represents a nation of lush greenery and abundant water sources. Era: Ancient

  40. Oceania: Oceania signifies a country surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean, fostering a maritime culture. Era: Modern

  41. Opaline: Inspired by the opal gemstone, Opaline represents a country of diverse colors and precious treasures. Era: Contemporary

  42. Paloma: Meaning "dove" in Spanish, Paloma represents a nation of peace and harmony. Era: Modern

  43. Pantheon: Pantheon signifies a country of great cultural and intellectual achievements. Era: Classical

  44. Paradisia: Paradisia is a utopian country of paradise, where joy and contentment prevail. Era: Utopian

  45. Persephia: Derived from "persephone," Persephia represents a country associated with rebirth and transformation. Era: Ancient

  46. Phoenixia: Symbolizing rebirth and resilience, Phoenixia represents a nation that has risen from the ashes. Era: Modern

  47. Primoria: Primoria symbolizes a country of prime importance and priority. Era: Modern

  48. Quintara: Evoking a sense of the number five, Quintara represents a nation of balance and harmony. Era: Contemporary

  49. Radiana: Derived from "radiant," Radiana signifies a country that shines with brilliance and light. Era: Modern

  50. Rivendell: Inspired by the elven realm in J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, Rivendell represents a country of natural beauty and tranquility. Era: Fantasy

  51. Rosemont: Rosemont signifies a nation of blooming roses and romance. Era: Victorian

  52. Serenitia: Serenitia embodies serenity and tranquility, offering a peaceful haven to its citizens. Era: Modern

  53. Silvaria: Derived from "silva," meaning forest, Silvaria represents a country of lush greenery and natural abundance. Era: Medieval

  54. Solara: Solara symbolizes a nation connected to the sun, radiating warmth and energy. Era: Modern

  55. Songhaven: Songhaven suggests a country of music and artistic expression, where melodies fill the air. Era: Renaissance

  56. Stellara: Meaning "star" in Latin, Stellara represents a country that shines brightly among the nations. Era: Modern

  57. Summertide: Summertide evokes images of long, sunny days and a vibrant atmosphere. Era: Modern

  58. Thule: Thule signifies a distant and mysterious country located in the far north. Era: Ancient

  59. Tranquilia: Tranquilia embodies peace and calmness, offering a serene environment for its inhabitants. Era: Modern

  60. Valoria: Valoria represents a country of valor and bravery, where courage is celebrated. Era: Medieval

  61. Veridian: Derived from "verde," meaning green, Veridian signifies a country of lush landscapes and vibrant nature. Era: Modern

  62. Victoriana: Victoriana evokes images of the Victorian era, representing a country of elegance and refinement. Era: Victorian

  63. Whisperwind: Whisperwind suggests a country of gentle breezes and peaceful solitude. Era: Contemporary

  64. Wildewood: Wildewood represents a nation of untamed wilderness and abundant wildlife. Era: Modern

  65. Xanadu: Inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, Xanadu signifies a country of beauty and enchantment. Era: Romantic

  66. Yggdrasil: Derived from Norse mythology, Yggdrasil represents a country connected to the great tree of life. Era: Fantasy

  67. Zephyria: Zephyria evokes the gentle west wind, symbolizing a country of mild climates and soothing breezes. Era: Modern

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