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Fantasy Country Name List with Means

  1. Elaria - Meaning "Land of the Elves." Era: The Age of Enchantment.

  2. Dragonia - Meaning "Realm of Dragons." Era: The Dragon Wars.

  3. Valeria - Meaning "Valiant Land." Era: The Age of Heroes.

  4. Mythosia - Meaning "Land of Legends." Era: The Mythical Epoch.

  5. Arcanum - Meaning "Realm of Magic." Era: The Arcane Renaissance.

  6. Solstice - Meaning "Land of Eternal Sun." Era: The Age of Light.

  7. Shadowmoor - Meaning "Land of Shadows." Era: The Veil of Darkness.

  8. Verdantia - Meaning "Green Land." Era: The Age of Nature.

  9. Empyria - Meaning "Land of Empires." Era: The Imperial Dominion.

  10. Celestia - Meaning "Realm of Celestial Beings." Era: The Celestial Ascendance.

  11. Evermore - Meaning "Land of Everlasting Life." Era: The Eternal Realm.

  12. Avaloria - Meaning "Land of Avalon." Era: The Age of Arthur.

  13. Frostholm - Meaning "Home of Frost." Era: The Frozen Tundra.

  14. Zephyria - Meaning "Land of the West Wind." Era: The Windswept Kingdoms.

  15. Enigma - Meaning "Land of Mysteries." Era: The Riddle Realms.

  16. Phantasmagoria - Meaning "Realm of Illusions." Era: The Illusionary Age.

  17. Ironhelm - Meaning "Land of Strong Warriors." Era: The Age of Steel.

  18. Meridian - Meaning "Land of the Noonday Sun." Era: The Solar Zenith.

  19. Obsidiania - Meaning "Realm of Obsidian." Era: The Obsidian Cataclysm.

  20. Emberfall - Meaning "Land of Eternal Flames." Era: The Infernal Reign.

  21. Crystallia - Meaning "Crystal Land." Era: The Crystal Dominion.

  22. Thundertop - Meaning "Land of Thunderstorms." Era: The Stormborn Era.

  23. Serenia - Meaning "Land of Serenity." Era: The Age of Tranquility.

  24. Heliosia - Meaning "Land of the Sun God." Era: The Solar Ascendancy.

  25. Amethystia - Meaning "Realm of Amethyst." Era: The Amethyst Enigma.

  26. Stormhaven - Meaning "Haven from Storms." Era: The Tempest Refuge.

  27. Gaia - Meaning "Mother Earth." Era: The Gaian Awakening.

  28. Valiantor - Meaning "Land of the Valiant." Era: The Valiant Epoch.

  29. Whisperwind - Meaning "Land of Whispering Winds." Era: The Whispering Woods.

  30. Crimsoria - Meaning "Realm of Crimson." Era: The Crimson Conquest.

  31. Starfall - Meaning "Land of Falling Stars." Era: The Stellar Cascade.

  32. Thule - Meaning "Mythical Land of the North." Era: The Frozen Northlands.

  33. Mystara - Meaning "Realm of Mysteries." Era: The Enigmatic Era.

  34. Silvermoon - Meaning "Land of the Silver Moon." Era: The Lunar Dominion.

  35. Wraithmoor - Meaning "Land of Wraiths." Era: The Wraithborne Age.

  36. Veritas - Meaning "Land of Truth." Era: The Age of Wisdom.

  37. Valhalla - Meaning "Hall of Heroes." Era: The Age of Legends.

  38. Ebonreach - Meaning "Land of Dark Magic." Era: The Dark Sorcery.

  39. Whitewind - Meaning "Land of Whirling Snow." Era: The Frostbound Expanse.

  40. Amberia - Meaning "Realm of Amber." Era: The Amber Enchantment.

  41. Starhaven - Meaning "Haven of Celestial Beings." Era: The Celestial Refuge.

  42. Obscuria - Meaning "Realm of Shadows." Era: The Shadowed Dominion.

  43. Mythria - Meaning "Land of Myths." Era: The Age of Mythos.

  44. Everglade - Meaning "Land of Everlasting Marshes." Era: The Marshland Kingdoms.

  45. Solara - Meaning "Land of the Sun." Era: The Solar Empire.

  46. Thunderpeak - Meaning "Land of Thunderous Peaks." Era: The Mountainous Realm.

  47. Crystalis - Meaning "Realm of Crystals." Era: The Crystal Enclave.

  48. Bloodfang - Meaning "Land of Bloodthirsty Beasts." Era: The Savage Wilds.

  49. Starstrider - Meaning "Land of Star Travelers." Era: The Celestial Explorations.

  50. Sylvanor - Meaning "Land of the Sylvan." Era: The Sylvan Enclave.

  51. Cerulea - Meaning "Land of Cerulean Waters." Era: The Azure Seas.

  52. Elysium - Meaning "Paradise." Era: The Golden Age.

  53. Shadowfen - Meaning "Land of Shadowed Swamps." Era: The Murky Marshlands.

  54. Ivoryspire - Meaning "Land of Ivory Towers." Era: The Ivory Enclave.

  55. Ravenwood - Meaning "Land of Ravens." Era: The Raven's Dominion.

  56. Thornhold - Meaning "Land of Thorny Fortresses." Era: The Fortress Realms.

  57. Opaline - Meaning "Land of Opals." Era: The Opal Shores.

  58. Wintertide - Meaning "Land of Winters." Era: The Frostbitten Kingdoms.

  59. Mariposa - Meaning "Butterfly." Era: The Fluttering Wings.

  60. Shadefall - Meaning "Land of Falling Shadows." Era: The Shadowed Veil.

  61. Glimmerwind - Meaning "Land of Shimmering Breezes." Era: The Luminescent Zephyrs.

  62. Stonehaven - Meaning "Haven of Stone." Era: The Stonemason Dynasty.

  63. Umbralis - Meaning "Realm of Darkness." Era: The Dark Eclipse.

  64. Goldcrest - Meaning "Land of Golden Crests." Era: The Gilded Dominion.

  65. Sablewood - Meaning "Land of Dark Woods." Era: The Shadowed Thicket.

  66. Radiance - Meaning "Land of Radiant Light." Era: The Luminous Age.

  67. Stormwatch - Meaning "Land of Watchful Storms." Era: The Stormwarden Era.

  68. Obsidianreach - Meaning "Land of Obsidian Reaches." Era: The Obsidian Reach.

  69. Whisperfen - Meaning "Land of Whispering Fens." Era: The Murmuring Marshes.

  70. Aetheria - Meaning "Realm of Ether." Era: The Ethereal Nexus.

  71. Crimsonvale - Meaning "Land of Crimson Valleys." Era: The Bloodied Vale.

  72. Shadowveil - Meaning "Land of Shadowed Veils." Era: The Veiled Dominion.

  73. Moonshroud - Meaning "Land of Moonlit Shadows." Era: The Lunar Shroud.

  74. Everbloom - Meaning "Land of Everlasting Blooms." Era: The Blossom Realm.

  75. Runicus - Meaning "Land of Runes." Era: The Age of Glyphs.

  76. Amberfall - Meaning "Land of Falling Amber." Era: The Amber Cascade.

  77. Sundara - Meaning "Beautiful." Era: The Age of Splendor.

  78. Thunderholm - Meaning "Home of Thunder." Era: The Thundering Mountains.

  79. Crystalwyn - Meaning "Fair Crystal." Era: The Crystal Enchantment.

  80. Scarletreach - Meaning "Land of Scarlet Reaches." Era: The Scarlet Dominion.

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